Organizing Vibrations is Making Music

Music, they say, is organized sound.
And we know sound is vibration. So in turn, music is organized vibrations.
Following that logic, "good music" then, is a collection of organized "good vibrations" and that case would be true for a pure mathematical equation. But just as there are many people, there are just as many different ways of interpreting. If we suppose that there are "good" types of vibrations, we must also suppose, there are the not-good ones or "bad". Interestingly, “bad vibrations” to some are “good vibrations”, so it's a matter of perception, the precise reason why music is subjective.

Taking reason into account, a preference prefers good over bad. So this begs another question, how do we let what we perceive as a bad vibration, pass thru us quickly as possible, so we can let the good ones in?

By not lingering or clinging onto "bad vibes" within ourselves, it will eventually move on because vibration comes from energy, and energy is not static. To paraphrase an idea in physics, energy does not die or disappear; it only moves on and becomes something else. And if completely diminishing an energy is impossible, then "bad" energy too will be forever, unless converted into "good". So the key to a good life experience, makes use of combining ways to convert bad to good, and letting bad ones pass thru, quickly. In other words, the quality of life depends on interpretation and what one decides to do with energies.

The same energy that permeated since the beginning of time, the big bang, still reaches and continues to go through us, become part of us, then leave us; inviting new energies to repeat the cycle, but never ends, since it never disappears. So it's always around and it vibrates, both good and bad, but limited according to human interpretation.

If energy is the source of our existence, and that source is vibrating, our relationship to vibrations and the way we deal with them becomes somewhat vital to our existence.
By having control of our interpretations of the vibrations within us, or going through us, can we control our experience of life itself? By organizing vibrations, perhaps music is an important method for controlling and balancing the source of life.


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