Analog (hands-on) workflow or Digital (mouse click) workflow...Which is better?

Whether one prefers the sound of an analog oscillator over a digital plug-in that emulates them or not, is naturally very subjective. It's not a matter of fact but a matter of taste. Of course, being able to twiddle knobs and bang pads are more tactile experience than 'penciling-in' midi data on a DAW, but at the end of the day, if the artist can produce great sounding music then the process doesn't matter.

The more important questions to ask are:
1. Does it sound good to YOU?
2. Do you enjoy the process (Is the workflow actually working for you)?

If the answers are yes then you are succeeding!

If your music is already a success, then why would you need to share it and be judged by someone else?

-Art needs audience-

Here is a thought to entertain: Making money does not have to be the measure of "how successful you are" especially with the art of making/playing music. HOWEVER, let me ask you, are you trying to get money/make substantial living out of your act of creating? If Yes, then we are talking about something different than "art" now because now you are in the realm of "business".
Hence, something important to consider when stepping outside the realm of art is the inevitable complexity of balance: providing pleasure for your audience/clients and what you, as an artist, want to truly express.

The ideal golden balance is when you get to express something truly authentic and your clients are also able to extract pleasure from it. It is golden because you are honest, which means you do not have any discomfort, and you get to sustain your life by doing it.

If you can create this golden balance, whether Analog or Digital, your method is justified and rather superior to those people that naysay.

I hope this gives you some food for thought and fuel to keep creating!


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