Becoming 'batteries' for the machine

The movie Matrix's prophecy of us becoming 'batteries' for the machine is truer than ever, but in ways that wasn't predicted when the movie came out.

In a world governed by the division of labor and ultra specialization, mechanization and the law of profitability, social bond has turned into a standardized artifact. It behoves the powers that human relations should be channeled towards accordingly planned outlets, and that they should be pursued on the basis of one or two simple principles, which can be both monitored and repeated.
In other words, some of us go places so they can take a picture and post it on social media, with the sole purpose of being validated of both the activity and themselves.

"Sharing" on social media is really no longer about 'sharing' the experience, but an act of collecting validation that the experience was indeed meaningful in the eyes of others.
The relationship between people, as symbolized by goods or replaced by them, has taken on extreme and clandestine forms, if it is to dodge the empire of predictability.
All this has set up the participants to constantly having the need to upload, which is what fuels the machine.


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